TTB offers you a lightweight cost effective way to brand or put your message out effectively. We offer you a complete line up of portable displays, custom banners, signs, posters and flags made from durable lightweight and weather resistant materials for fast use over and over again. A number of corporations and small businesses in Kampala have turned to us to provide them with quick solutions during exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and events.

If you are in need of unique pull up banners, which will capture the attention and imagination of your clients, you are looking in the right place.

Our pull-up banners are made from heavy duty, durable, lightweight materials and are extremely light, portable and easy to set-up indoors or outdoors. Mostly used in lobby areas, exhibitions or doorways, the pull-up system will last for long periods of time. The banner itself can be changed often depending on ones’ needs.

The banners are often delivered in a carry bag with a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Our Display Systems.

Pull Up Displays.
Tear Drop Displays.

Our Tear Drop Banners

Our tear-drop banners, personalized flags and various portable displays in this form are ideal for permanent or temporary fixtures for use on streets, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and other events. Used en mass they are perfect for capturing attention and getting one’s message or brand out.

They are extremely light, durable, and rotate in the wind making them perfect for prolonged outdoor use.