Our Mission.

Our mission is to offer international business related services that are cost effective, fully integrated and comprehensive to the government, private sector, NGOs, international agencies and general community. With our unrelenting pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction we have earned your confidence and that of big corporate and government institutions. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent support.

We handle big and small clients, win tenders and have an adequate financial base to facilitate any consignment or order of any size and listen to client's requests as regards to their orders.

Our main offices, store, design studios and manufacturing departments are located in the heart of Kampala's commercial district on Nkrumah Road with a satellite branch in Kigali and soon expanding to the rest of the East African Federation.


Over the years we have grown into a full scale printing enterprise with our printing press located in the heart of Kampala's commercial district on Plot no.41 A/B NASSER Road. We have handled projects big and small, driven by a highly competitive environment. We have succeeded with maximum accuracy, efficiency and speed, coupled by our in house design team to create effective designs with maximum visual impact for our clientèle.

Being a business leader has not made us arrogant, we continue everyday to try and give you our customer or potential customer maximum attention and value to drive your business or organization forward with effective communication goals and values. Everyday we continue advance forward by investing heavily in technology to better serve your ever changing market needs.....More.

Our Printing Department.

Marketing Tools.

With us you can have proven powerful marketing tools to help you brand your business and make it grow. Our design team will help you choose and design Business Cards, Brochures, Postcard, Flyers, Catalogs, Calendars and Stationary at a moments notice.

We can arrange for short runs to help you start without breaking your budget. When you place your order you will have an amazing range styles and an impressive assortment of quality paper to choose from.